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Fleshlight Anal

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

The Anal Fleshlight is named Fleshlight Original Butt. This version of the Fleshlight will fulfill your most erotic desires.
The Fleshlight anal orifice will let you experience the joy and pleasure of entering your partner’s most forbidden area!

Remember to take this Fleshlight anal version slow at first so the tight opening can hug you tightly as you penetrate inward…

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Vibrating Fleshlight

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Recently the guys behind the amazingly popular Fleshlight sex toy released a new vibrating Fleshlight.
This Fleshlight version is called the Fleshlight Vibro.

The vibrating Fleshlight is a Fleshlight designed with vibrating inner texture. The Fleshlight Vibro costs $89.95 and you can select the following inner textures:

- Vibro Pink Lady Original
- Vibro Pink lady Touch
- Vibro Pink Lady Cyclone

More info about this vibrating Fleshlight can be found here!

Sex in a Can Fleshlight

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Yesterday the Fleshlight team announced their latest product line, Sex in a Can.
Sex in a Can
features three different kinds of Fleshlights in the shape of a beer can. The best thing about these new products is that they are designed with the same Real Feel SuperSkin as the original Fleshlight BUT they cost only $39.95 each instead of the regular Fleshlight price of $79.95.

Besides that, the inner texture of these Sex in a Can vagina’s is unique and brand new and can not be found on any other Fleshlight product…

The Sex in a Can Fleshlights come in 3 different models:

- Pink Lotus Lager
- Abbey’s Secret Ale
- Spread Eagle Brew

Of course, there is also a special 3-pack available for the low price of $99.95.
I’m not going in too much detail here about these new Fleshlight products because today we created a new website where you can find our extended reviews, Sex in a Can.

If you wanna get more info about the Sex in a Can Fleshlights, go to the Fleshlight homepage now and buy these new products as one of the first!

Fleshlight Lotus Texture

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Fleshlight is now available with a new kind of inner texture, the Lotus texture. We all know that Fleshlight looks and feels exactly the same as a woman’s vagina, this thanks to it’s Real Feel SuperSkin. But now with the new Lotus texture the feeling just got even better and even more realistic!

Check the Fleshlight homepage to discover this new texture! If you wanna buy the Raven Riley Fleshlight with Lotus texture, go here.

The inside of a Fleshlight Lotus looks like this:

Fleshlight Fleshjack

Monday, September 7th, 2009

The Fleshjack Fleshlight is catered specifically for the gay audience! The Fleshlight Fleshjack comes in 3 different models: Jack Ass, Ice Jack Ass and Endurance Jack.

The Fleshjack Jack Ass is the original, classic pink butt and costs $69.95. The Fleshjack Ice Jack Ass is exactly the same as the regular Jack Ass, however this one if fully transparant for your pleasure only! :)

The Endurance Jack is specially built to train your stamina. If you have a frequent habit of cumming too soon while fucking your friend anal-style you just need this Fleshjack version! The Endurance Jack will train your stamina so good you will be a porn stud in no time!

> Visit the Fleshjack homepage now to build your own Fleshjack!

Fleshlight Sizing

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Many men think their dick is too long or too thick to use a Fleshlight. However this is not true because the Fleshlight size is big enough to fit everyone’s dick.

The Fleshlight measures 10 inches in length and 4 inches in diameter which is long enough for every men to enjoy! As a general rule of thumb, if your dick can enter a woman’s vagina you can be sure it can enter the Fleshlight because this sex toy is a 100% vagina replicate!

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Fleshlight Coupon

Friday, September 4th, 2009

If you are like many other visitors here, looking for a cheap Fleshlight these coupons might come in handy. These Fleshlight coupons will give you 10%-15% off your total order so it’s always good. Here they are:

STAMINA - 10% off coupon Applies To: Stamina Training Unit
BUILDIT - 10% off coupon that works when you build your own Fleshlight.
PINK10 - 10% off coupon on all Fleshlights.

These are the working Fleshlight coupon codes for today 9/4/2009. Hurry because they might expire very soon.
Copy a Fleshlight coupon above and go to this page to customize your Fleshlight order.

Cheapest Fleshlight

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Today let me talk about the cheapest Fleshlight available. The cheapest Fleshlight is still the Original. It sells for $64.95 and contains the Original Pink Lady, Original Mouth, Original Butt, Original Mini Maid or Original Stealth. This is up to you to decide while customizing your order. Whatever shape option you choose, the price remains unchanged.

So without ordering extra addons like lubricants, the cheapest Fleshlight cost $64.95 and this price includes FREE worldwide shipping!

Buy your Fleshlight now for this, one-time cheap price because the price will go up soon like it does every time at the end of the year…

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Cumming in a Fleshlight

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

A lot of Fleshlight owners ask themselves if they can cum in a Fleshlight. The answer to this is YES you can. Although it is recommended not to ejaculate directly into your Fleshlight for health’s sake, your cum won’t hurt it’s material at all. So after cleaning up your Fleshlight your good to go for a second Fleshlight fuck. You can also fuck your Fleshlight using a condom, although the feeling/sensation you get with a condom isn’t as great as a Fleshlight fuck without a condom around your dick…

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Gay Fleshlight

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

That’s right guys! Fleshlight is also available for gay men. This Fleshlight version is named Fleshjack.
The Fleshjack is made in the same Real Feel Superskin material as the Fleshlight is. The only difference is that the Fleshjack comes in a male butt shape.

Fleshjack has 3 different shapes available where you can choose from: Jack Ass, Ice Jack Ass (transparent version) and Endurance Jack (for stamina training).

> Check out this Gay Fleshlight version, Fleshjack and read the testimonials from other gay men!