Fleshlight Doll

Unlike what a lot of people think, Fleshlight isn’t a doll! It doesn’t look like one and it doesn’t feel like the fake silicone stuff that most sex dolls are made of!
The name Fleshlight comes from the word Flashlight because the shape of the case is designed in the shape of a Flashlight, for discreet storage.

The big difference between a Fleshlight and a sex doll is the material it’s made of. You see, Fleshlight isn’t made from fake latex or silicone like most male sex toys.
Instead,  the Fleshlight pussy is made from the specially designed, patent pending Real Feel Super Skin®. That’s also the reason why Fleshlight is so popular with many men.

So next time you think of a Fleshlight doll, think again! Check out the Fleshlight user videos and visit the Fleshlight homepage to create your own.

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