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Fleshlight Holder

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Besides the Fleshlight Double Dog Dare there are several other Fleshlight holder solutions. For example, there is the Top Dog, Let It Ride and On A Mission too.
A Fleshlight holder will take your Fleshlight sex toy out of your hands so you can freely fuck the popular pink lady without the help of your hands.
So these Fleshlight holders are actually giving you the ultimate handsfree experience!

These holders are very solid and they contain a hole where you can insert your Fleshlight sex toy. The Fleshlight Double Dog Dare contains two hole, each on one side, here you can use a Fleshlight pink lady on one side and a Fleshlight butt orifice on the other side for example…

These Fleshlight holders are known under the name ”Fleshlight Motion“, have a look here



Fleshlight Double Dog Dare

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Fleshlight Double Dog Dare is a mount designed with two orifices. On one side you have the Pink Lady Original Fleshlight and on the other side you have the butt orifice.
With the Fleshlight Double Dog Dare you’ll enjoy rapid double-penetration and on top of that, the Double Dog Dare will bring you hands-free pleasure and will train your stamina at the same time! Check the Fleshlight Double Dog Dare information!


Fleshlight Anal

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

The Anal Fleshlight is named Fleshlight Original Butt. This version of the Fleshlight will fulfill your most erotic desires.
The Fleshlight anal orifice will let you experience the joy and pleasure of entering your partner’s most forbidden area!

Remember to take this Fleshlight anal version slow at first so the tight opening can hug you tightly as you penetrate inward…

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