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Fleshlight Users

Friday, September 25th, 2009

If you wanna meet Fleshlight users, head over to the Fleshlight forums. These boards are full of people who use Fleshlight. You can read their comments, tips & tricksĀ and reviews and you can even watch their own Fleshlight videos. If you wanna become a Fleshlight user yourself, get your own Fleshlight now cheap! If you order a Fleshlight and the total amount is over $100, you’ll enjoy FREE shipping too! Don’t wait any longer, get your Fleshlight sex toy now…or read Fleshlight reviews here first!

Cheapest Fleshlight

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Today let me talk about the cheapest Fleshlight available. The cheapest Fleshlight is still the Original. It sells for $64.95 and contains the Original Pink Lady, Original Mouth, Original Butt, Original Mini Maid or Original Stealth. This is up to you to decide while customizing your order. Whatever shape option you choose, the price remains unchanged.

So without ordering extra addons like lubricants, the cheapest Fleshlight cost $64.95 and this price includes FREE worldwide shipping!

Buy your Fleshlight now for this, one-timeĀ cheap price because the price will go up soon like it does every time at the end of the year…

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