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Fleshlight Holder

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Besides the Fleshlight Double Dog Dare there are several other Fleshlight holder solutions. For example, there is the Top Dog, Let It Ride and On A Mission too.
A Fleshlight holder will take your Fleshlight sex toy out of your hands so you can freely fuck the popular pink lady without the help of your hands.
So these Fleshlight holders are actually giving you the ultimate handsfree experience!

These holders are very solid and they contain a hole where you can insert your Fleshlight sex toy. The Fleshlight Double Dog Dare contains two hole, each on one side, here you can use a Fleshlight pink lady on one side and a Fleshlight butt orifice on the other side for example…

These Fleshlight holders are known under the name ”Fleshlight Motion“, have a look here



Liz Vicious Fleshlight

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Liz Vicious is a 19 year old internet porn star. She kinda looks like a goth girl and has sweet sex fantasies. One of her fantasies was to fuck her boyfriend with a Fleshlight.
Check the photos below to see how Liz Vicious handled her Fleshlight sex toy. If you don’t have a Fleshlight yourself, get one here!

Cheapest Fleshlight

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Today let me talk about the cheapest Fleshlight available. The cheapest Fleshlight is still the Original. It sells for $64.95 and contains the Original Pink Lady, Original Mouth, Original Butt, Original Mini Maid or Original Stealth. This is up to you to decide while customizing your order. Whatever shape option you choose, the price remains unchanged.

So without ordering extra addons like lubricants, the cheapest Fleshlight cost $64.95 and this price includes FREE worldwide shipping!

Buy your Fleshlight now for this, one-time cheap price because the price will go up soon like it does every time at the end of the year…

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Fleshlight Mouth

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Everyone knows the original Fleshlight Pink Lady. This popular male sex toy is known as a pink tight vagina for pleasure and stamina training. However did you know that Fleshlight is also available in Mouth, Butt, Mini Maid and Stealth versions? The Fleshlight Mouth version for example is perfect for training your stamina against a HOT blowjob. Not only will this Mouth version train your stamina, it will also give you the impression that a professional pornstar is sucking your cock when you use it!

Check out the Fleshlight Mouth version here!