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Check our new Blog!!

Today we put up a blog here on Fleshlight Reviews. Check it out

Fleshlight Sex in a Can

Fleshlight released a new product line, Sex in a Can. Check out our Sex in a Can review!

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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What's the size of a Fleshlight?

Does Fleshlight vibrate?

Should I use a condom while playing with Fleshlight?

Out of what kind of material are Fleshlight inserts made?

How do I use the Fleshlight?

How do I clean the Fleshlight?

Can I use Fleshlight in the shower or tub?

Am I too old to use this sex toy?

Is there a Fleshlight support forum?

Is there a Fleshlight demo available?

What do women think of Fleshlight?

Does Fleshlight come with a case?

How many Fleshlight inserts are there available?

How many Fleshlight sensations are there available?

Where can I buy Fleshlight cheap or at discount price?

I'm gay, is Fleshlight something for me?

Can I make my own Fleshlight?

What is Fleshlight Girls?

Where can I find more Fleshlight info?


Ordering and Payment FAQ

Where do I buy Fleshlight?

What does the package look like?

Can I order my Fleshlight and pay with Paypal?

How will the order show on my statements?


Shipping FAQ

How long does shipping take?

Do you ship wordwide?

I'm from Canada, can I buy Fleshlight?


Your question not listed above? Contact Fleshlight Customer Support!


Fleshligh-Reviews.net - More Fleshlight Info